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Talks & Presentations

Spotlight On - Solar System talk

As part of our academic extension activities we offer a wide range of talks by visiting speakers, Stockport Grammar School staff and pupils themselves. Pupils who would like to offer a talk should contact Mr Thorley, Ms Pazos or Mr Swann. All pupils are welcome to attend.

The table below shows a selection of the talks and presentations for the 2018-2019 academic year. More talks and presentations will be added in due course.

Spotlight On…

‘Spotlight On…’ talks take place every Tuesday and Thursday during term time in the Library with a start time of 1.00pm.

Date Speaker(s) Topic
13th September Mr Rob Jones (staff) Visions Of The Apocalypse: Looking Forward To The End Of The World
18th September Mr Ben Bowles (staff) End Of The World (2)
27th September Anna Davies (student U7) Three People, Three Genetic Contributors, Three Parents? Questioning The Laws On Three-Parent Babies
4th October Dr Shane McKie, Research Scientist, Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit, University of Manchester Medical Imaging And The Brain
9th October Kitty Grant (student U4) Who’s The Real Monster In Frankenstein?
11th October Michael Gilmour, Charlotte Jones, Rev Liz Leaver and Miss Ruth Moore Christian Union – questions TBC
18th October Yusuf Ramzan, Software Engineer, Thales Group (former SGS pupil 09) Working as a Software Engineer
8th November Mr David Stone (staff) German responsibility for WW1
15th November Mr Roger Yates, Volunteer, AVRO Heritage Museum A.V. Roe – Stockport’s pioneer of aviation
20th November Faza Qadiri (student, U7) The Heart (Emotional and Scientific)
29th November Prof Jamie Gilmour, School of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Manchester Origins of the Solar System
4th December Mr Alistair Thorley (staff) Beyoncé
6th December Georgia Walkden, Raleigh International What can be gained from a Gap Year?
11th December Amy Gardner (student, U3) China’s Belt and Road Initiative
13th December Dr Annabel Latham, STEM ambassador and Senior Lecturer – School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology, MMU and Vice-Chair IEEE Women in Engineering (UK & Ireland) Careers in Computing: From Software House to Artificial Intelligence Researcher
17th January Mr Jamie Swann (staff) Why should we all be vegetarians? Part 1 (animal rights/welfare)
22nd January Tony Cheslett (former staff) Perfect Numbers and Mersenne Primes (Fourth Year and above)
24th January Bart van Dongen and Katrina Cullen, SEES Outreach, University of Manchester Tackling water challenges: Are we in hot water?”
29th January Tim Holbrook, Adelphi Group Health Economics
31st January Mr Dom Breffit (staff) Why should we all be vegetarians? Part 2 (environmental)
5th February Nia Duffy (student) Unsung Heroes: HART – combating terrorism and violent crime in Manchester
7th February Harry Potter Night
14th February Lit Fest
28th February Bryony Pearce Meet the Author
5th March Grace Patterson (student, U7) Los Moros y Cristianos
7th March World Book Day
14th March  Peter Greenhalgh, Meteorology/Oceanography Instructor at Royal Naval Reserve Climate Change
20th March Professor Richard Morris, Archaeologist and Chair of the Blackden Trust History – Bouncing Bomb
28th March Stuart Patrick, STEM Ambassador and Polymer Society Divisional Board Chairman Single use plastics
4th April Elaine Borthwick, STEM Ambassador and Strategic Account Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Molecule to medicine
26th April Jen Birdsall, Recruitment and Admissions Adviser, New College of the Humanities, London Why study the Humanities?