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Pupils enjoying themselves at STEM Club

The tables below show activities for the 2023-2024 academic year. More activities will be announced in due course. Membership of these clubs is free of charge.


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Chemistry Club 12.40-1.05pm All C1 First Year
Christmas Cake Club 1-1.45pm Autumn (December) T4 First Year
PRISM (LGBT+ Group) 1.05-1.50pm All TBC All
Classics Club 1.05-1.40pm All W13 First to Third Year
Sixth Form Bible Study 1.05-1.40pm All TBC Sixth Form
Lower School Book Club 1.05-1.40pm, Blue Week All Library First to Third Year
Family History Club 1.10-1.35pm Autumn and Spring CR2 First to Third Year
Eco-Schools 1.10-1.40pm All G2 All



Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Literary Magazine 11.10-11.30am All W3 Sixth Form
Christian Group 12.30-1pm All RP2 All
Amnesty International 12.40-1.10pm All T8 All
TSA Preparation 1.05-1.40pm Autumn – first half RP2 Upper Sixth
‘On the Same Page’ Book Review Magazine 1.05-1.40pm All Library All
Debate Club 1.05-1.40pm All W2 Sixth Form
Critical Thinking 1.05-1.40pm Spring RP1 Lower Sixth
Textiles Club 1.10-1.40pm, Yellow Week Autumn T6 Second Year
Model United Nations (Senior) 4-5pm All W6/W7 Fourth Year to Sixth Form


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Mindfulness Club 12.40-1.10pm, Blue Week Spring and Summer LS1 All
Tactical Games and Chess Club 1-1.40pm All M6 All
Mandarin Club 1-1.45pm All P2 All
Now and Then Quiz League 1.05-1.35pm All W22 First to Third Year
Linguistics Club 1.10-1.40pm All L9 Second Year to Sixth Form
Ready Steady Bake 4-5pm, Blue Week Autumn and Summer T5 Second Year


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Allotment Club 12.30-1pm All (except when the weather is too cold in winter) Biology Greenhouse All
Big Question Discussion Group 1-1.40pm, Yellow Week All L2 Sixth Form
Model United Nations (Mini) 1-1.40pm All W6/W7 First to Third Year
Creative Writing 1.05-1.40pm All W2 First to Third Year
Spotlight On… 1.05-1.40pm Autumn and Spring Library All
Visual Designers Club 1.10-1.40pm All CR2 First to Third Year
Digital Skills Club 1.10-1.40pm All CR2 First and Second Year


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Spanish Club 12.35-1.05pm Autumn L4 First and Second Year
Boardgames Club 1-1.40pm All L2 First to Third Year
Knitting & Nattering 1-1.40pm Autumn and Spring T6 All
Harry Potter Club 1.05-1.40pm All W9 First Year
Friday Prayers (Jumla) 1.20-1.35pm All Meet at Sports Hall All

Various/To be confirmed

Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Animal Club 12.30pm, Monday, Tuesday and Friday All B2 First Year – Monday and Friday, Second and Third Year – Tuesday
Art Illustration Club 3,50pm-5pm, day TBC September-February – Second Year, February-July – First Year A4 First and Second Year
Dungeons and Dragons 1-1.40pm, Monday and Tuesday All T8 All
History Club 1.10-1.35pm All W22 First to Third Year
Introduction to Medical Society 1-1.40pm, day TBC Spring and Summer C5 Fifth Year
Library Helpers Lunchtime and after school All Library All
Lower School Languages Club TBC Autumn – second half and Spring L3 First to Third Year
SGS Historian Magazine Break or after school as needed Spring and Summer Sixth Form Work Room Lower Sixth
SGS History Project Podcasts Break, lunch or after school as needed Autumn, Spring and Summer History Rooms (recording in W22) All
SGStem Magazine Lunch or after school on an ad hoc basis Autumn B3 Upper Sixth