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The table below shows activities for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Due to Covid-19, we are having to run our co-curricular activities in a different way to ensure pupil and staff safety. Current pupils will be informed of the changes by staff. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us.


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Allotment Club 12.30pm All B2/Greenhouse All Years
Eco-Schools Committee 12.30pm All W16 All Years
Jewellery Club 12.35pm Autumn DT Third Year pupils who missed their project last year
Animal Club* 12.40pm All B2 First Year (limited to 24 places)
Medics/Vets/Dentists 1.05pm (lunchtimes as needed) All TBC Sixth Form
Charities Club 1.05pm Blue All G5 Sixth Form
Linguistics Club 1.05pm All L4 All Years
Medical Society Lunchtimes (trips throughout year) All C5 Sixth Form
Mindfulness Course 3.55pm All TBA Fourth and Fifth Year – six week course
Photography Skills 4pm All A1 Fourth and Fifth Year
STEP 4pm Autumn – Second half, Spring and Summer – First half M2 Upper Sixth



Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Active Citizen Club 12.30pm-1.05pm All LS1 First to Third Year
Chess Club First Year: 1.10pm-1.40pm, Second Year: 12.30pm-1.05pm All M9 First and Second Year
Literacy Club 12.30pm All Learning Support Room First Year (Blue Week), Second Year (Yellow Week)
Lower School Science Club 12.30pm Autumn and Spring P3 First to Third Year
Mini Model United Nations 1pm All W8 First to Third Year
Critical Thinking Club 1.05pm Autumn/Spring RP2 Upper Sixth (Autumn) Lower Sixth (Spring)
Pythagoras Puzzles 1.05pm All M3 First and Second Year
Christian Group 1.05pm All M10 Fifth Year and Sixth Form
Psychology Aspire 1.10pm All W17/W18 Lower Sixth
DT Model Club 3.55pm Autumn DT Second Year pupils who missed their project last year
Essay Writing Club 4pm All – after October half term W4 Fifth Year and Upper Sixth
Senior Model United Nations 4pm All W6/W7 Third to Fifth Year and Sixth Form


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Art in Geography Club 12.30pm Yellow All G1/Art Block First to Third Year
Classics Club 12.30pm All W19 First to Third Year
Minimus 12.30pm Autumn Classics TBC
Animal Club* 12.40pm All B2 First Year (limited to 24 places)
Careers Advice 1pm All T9 Careers Room TBC
Lower School Book Club 1pm All Library First to Third Year
Tactical Games Club 1pm All M6 All Years
Philosophy Club 1.05pm Yellow All RP1 First to Third Year
IEA Essay Competition 1.10pm Autumn W10 Lower Sixth
Criminology Club First Year: 1.10pm Yellow, Second to Fourth Year: 1.10pm Blue All W1 First to Fourth Year
Dragon’s Den 4pm Autumn W10 Third Year
Art Club 4pm All A4 Second Year


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Moles Club 12.30pm All C5 Fourth and Fifth Year
Science Fair 12.30pm Autumn  (after half term) P1 First to Third Year (Sixth Form support)
Amnesty International 1.10 pm All LS1 All Years
Lower School History Club Lunchtime All W21 First Year
Photography Club 3.50pm-4.50pm All A1 First to Third Year


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Bananagrams Word Games Club 11.10am-11.30am All W8 First to Fifth Year
Creative Textiles 12.30pm-1.15pm Yellow Autumn Textiles Second Year
Animal Club* 12.40pm All B2 Second to Fourth Year (limited to 18 places)
Middle School Debate Club 1pm (every other week) All W3 Fourth and Fifth Year
Sixth Form Debate Club 1pm (every other week) All W3 Sixth Form
Harry Potter Club 1pm All W1 First Year
Art Matters (Art History Club) 1pm-1.40pm (fortnightly) Autumn and Spring A3 All Years
French Film Club 1.05pm All TBC All Years

*Animal Club – all participants have to be willing to handle ALL the animals (hamsters/gerbils/dragon/lizard/tortoise) as they will all have a session with each animal and the animal will be relying on care provided in this session. Experience not necessary, just kindness and a willing to try/learn.

Download last year’s Beyond the Classroom handbook (pdf) for an example of the range of the co-curricular activities we offer at SGS.