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The table below shows activities for the 2021-2022 academic year. More activities will be added in due course.


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Literary Magazine 11.10-11.30am All W3 Sixth Form
Creative Writing 1.05-1.40pm All W2 All
Alpha Course 1-1.40pm All Maths Room All
Textiles Club 1.10-1.40pm All T6 Second Year
Middle School Book Club 1.10-1.40pm All Library Fourth and Fifth Year



Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Big Question Discussion Group 1-1.40pm Autumn – Upper Sixth, Spring/Summer – Lower Sixth L2 Sixth Form
Model United Nations (Mini) 1-1.40pm All W6/W7 First to Third Year
Pythagoras Puzzles 1.05-1.35pm All M3 First and Second Year
Capital Letter and Full Stops Club 1.05-1.35pm All W9 All
TSA Preparation 1.05-1.40pm Autumn – first half RP1 Upper Sixth
Critical Thinking 1.05-1.40pm Spring RP1 Lower Sixth
Spanish Club 1.05-1.40pm Autumn L4 First and Second Year
First Year Book Club 1.10-1.40pm All Library First Year
Model United Nations (Senior) 4-5pm All W6/W7 Fourth Year to Sixth Form


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Tactical Games Club 1-1.40pm All M6 All
Chess Club 1.10-1.40pm All M10 First to Third Year
Chemistry Club 1.10-1.40pm – pupils attend alternate weeks All C2 First Year
Mandarin Club Lunch and after school All TBC All
Christmas Cake Club 4-5pm, Yellow week Autumn – second half T4 First Year
Creative Cuisine 4-5pm, Yellow week Autumn – first half and Spring T4 First Year
Ready Steady Bake 4-5pm, Blue week All T5 Second Year


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Visual Designers Club 12.30-1.05pm and 1.10-1.40pm All CR2 First to Third Year
Amnesty International 1-1.30pm All T8 All
Animation Club 1.10-1.40pm All CR2 First and Second Year
Criminology Club 1.10-1.40pm Autumn W11 First Year
Spotlight on… 1.10-1.40pm Autumn and Spring Library All
LGBT+ Group TBC All TBC All


Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Second and Third Year Book Club 8.45-9,10am All Library Second and Third Year
‘On the Same Page’ Book Review Magazine 11.10-11.25am All Library All
Boardgames Club 1-1.40pm All L2 First to Third Year
Knitting & Nattering 1-1.40pm Autumn and Spring T6 All
Debate Club 1.05-1.40pm All W3 Sixth Form
Harry Potter Club 1.05-1.40pm All W9 First Year
Charities Club 1.10-1.40pm All G5 All

Various/To be confirmed

Activity Time Term Location Year Groups
Animal Club 12.35-1.05pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday All B2 First to Third Year
Introduction to Medical Society 1-1.40pm, day TBC Spring and Summer C5 Fifth Year
Library Club 12.30-1.10pm, day TBC All Library All
Lower School Languages Club TBC Autumn – second half and Spring L3 First to Third Year
SGS Historian Magazine Break or after school as needed Spring and Summer Lower Sixth Form Work Room Lower Sixth