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Stockport Grammar School provides exceptional musical opportunities for every child. We offer a diverse and inclusive programme of activities, through our curriculum and extensive co-curricular programme.

All pupils are given the opportunity to learn instruments with an outstanding team of music staff. In addition to being inclusive, we aspire to the highest level of elite music-making in our choirs, bands and orchestras. We have a significant number of pupils that have attained grade 8 and beyond. Many of our pupils also participate in regional and national music ensembles and at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music. A large number of former pupils have gone on to study Music at Oxbridge, UK conservatoires and other leading universities and pursue successful careers in music.

The activities on offer are intended to provide access for all pupils, including total beginners, in all areas of music and also pathways into music careers for those with outstanding ability. We have a large stock of musical instruments and an instrumental tuition scheme that enables all First Year pupils to have introductory lessons on instruments ranging from oboe, clarinet, saxophone, flute, bassoon, cello and double bass to the full range of brass instruments.

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Fun, Friendly and First Class

Music Clubs

The table below shows the activities for the 2021-2022 academic year. Regular commitment is required for all practices and rehearsals.

Current pupils will be informed of any changes by staff. If you have any queries, please get in touch with us.

Activity Day, time Location Teacher in charge
Brass Quartet Monday 8.30am MU2 Mrs Johnson
Guitar Ensemble Monday 1pm MU3 Mr Girling
Chamber Choir Monday 1pm MU1 and MU2 Mr Dow and Mr Newlove
Big Band Monday 4pm MU1 Mr Evans
Music Tech Club Monday 4pm MU2 and MU3 Mr Dow and Mr Newlove
Concert Band Tuesday 1pm Hallam Hall Mrs Matthews
Chamber Choir Tuesday 4pm MU1 and MU2 Mr Dow and Mr Newlove
Cello Choir Wednesday 8.30am MU1 Mr Cashell
String Orchestra Wednesday 1pm Hallam Hall Mrs Matthews
 Brass Ensemble Wednesday 1pm MU1  Mrs Johnson
Theory Class Wednesday 1pm MU3 Mr Newlove
Junior Percussion Ensemble Wednesday 4pm Hallam Hall Mr Landon
Senior Percussion Ensemble Wednesday 4.30pm Hallam Hall Mr Landon
Senior and Junior Jazz Bands Thursday 8.30am MU1 and MU2 Mr Hamilton
VOX Thursday 1pm MU2 Mrs Matthews
Wind Orchestra Thursday 1pm Hallam Hall Mr Newlove
First Orchestra Thursday 4pm Hallam Hall Mr Dow
Barbershop Group Friday 8.30am MU2 TBC
String Quartet Friday 8.30am MU2 TBC
Second Orchestra Friday 1pm Hallam Hall Mr Newlove
Chorus Friday 4pm Hallam Hall and MU1 Mr Dow and Mr Newlove
Junior Chamber Choir Friday 4pm W6 Mrs Matthews

Concert Schedule

Throughout the academic year we hold a number of concerts and events where our excellent musicians play in front of a live audience. These include the Winter Concert, the Leavers’ Concert and the Music Festival.

Find a full list of events in the document below.

Download the 2021-2022 Music Concert Schedule (pdf)

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