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Young Enterprise students with awards

The table below shows the competitions that our pupils will be taking part in during the 2023-2024 academic year. More competitions will be added in due course. Most competitions are free of charge.

Competition Year Groups Term Further Information
Alan Turing Cryptography Competition Third and Fourth Year Spring Every Monday at 4pm in CR3
Articulation History of Art Prize Sixth From Autumn and Spring Held at Whitworth Art Gallery
Bebras Computing Challenge Second Year Autumn 8-19th November
BPhO Round 1 Upper Sixth Autumn Every Thursday 12.40-1.10pm
Chem Quiz Second to Fourth Year Summer Date TBC. At Manchester Metropolitan University. National RSC Top of the Bench competition
Christmas Card Design Competition All Summer and Autumn Design used for SGS Christmas card and Carol Service cover
Dragon’s Den Third Year Autumn On Wednesdays from 1.10-1.40pm in W10
ESU Public Speaking Competition Third and Fourth Year All Every Wednesday at 4pm in W6. A national public speaking competition
Family History Research Club All All On Mondays from 1-1:30pm in Woodsmoor/CR2
First Year French Spelling Bee First Year Autumn and Spring
Fourth Year MFL Debate Fourth Year Summer Inter-form debating competition in French/German. In L5
History Club First to Third Year All Every Wednesday 1.10-1.40pm in W12
History Podcast All All Three podcasts across the year – one each term. In w22.
Intermediate Maths Challenge Third to Fifth Year Spring 2nd/3rd Feb
Junior Astro Challenge Second to Fourth Year Autumn In November. Prep in Astro Club
Junior Maths Challenge First and Second Year Summer 27th/28th April
Junior Physics Challenge Fourth Year Summer Every Thursday 1.10-1.30pm
Library Heroes First to Third Year All Inter-form borrowing competition
Living Edge Schools’ Art Competition Third and Fifth Year and Upper Sixth Spring In March
MEM Challenge All Spring February half term. Online
MasterChef Competition First Year to Lower Sixth Summer 4-6.30pm, Date TBC. In T4/T5
Maths Bombe Sixth Form Spring Every Wednesday at 4pm in M11
Maths Fest Fourth Year Spring Date TBC. At Manchester University
Maths Olympiad for Girls Fourth Year to Sixth Form Autumn 7th October. In M11
National Cipher Challenge Fourth Year to Sixth Form Autumn Every Thursday at 4pm in M9
Northern Schools MFL Debating Competition Sixth Form Spring Date TBC. Will be in January 2023 from 5-9pm
Physics Experimental Project Fourth Year to Sixth Form Autumn Every Thursday 1.10-1.40pm
PiWars All Summer Blue Mondays 1.05-1.40pm. Raspberry Pi robotics competition
Poetry by Heart All Autumn/Spring In W8. National Competition –
Rotary Young Chef of the Year All Autumn and Spring In T4 at 1.05pm on Wednesdays in Yellow Week from October to April
Royal Academy Schools’ Summer Exhibition Sixth Form Summer At the Royal Academy
Schools Challenge Quiz Team Fourth Year to Sixth Form Autumn and Spring Wednesdays in W22. Prep at lunchtime for January date. Quiz takes place online
Science Fair First to Third Year Autumn and Spring Every Wednesday at 1.05-1.30pm
Second Year Enterprise Challenge Second Year Summer 6th June in Hallam Hall and classrooms
Second Year French Competition Second Year Spring Pronunciation competition
Senior and Intermediate Physics Challenges Fourth and Fifth Year and Lower Sixth Spring Every Thursday 1.10-1.30pm
Senior Maths Challenge Fifth Year and Sixth Form Autumn 3rd/4th November
Sixth Form Pop Maths Quiz Sixth Form Spring 10am-1pm on date TBC. In Liverpool
Team Maths Challenge Second and Third Year Spring Every Friday at 1.05pm in M2
Third Year German Competition Third Year Spring Pronunciation competition for Third Year German pupils
Third Year Spanish Reading Competition Third Year Summer Pronunciation competition for Third Year Spanish pupils
Write on Art UK Sixth Form Summer Art History essay competition
Young Enterprise Lower Sixth All Every Monday at 4pm in W11