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Pupils in an ICT suite

All pupils have access to the school’s network via computer suites and mobile devices, such as tablet computers and laptops.

The school has three dedicated computer suites which, when not use by the Computer Science Department, are bookable by other departments. All rooms are equipped with high-spec computers, interactive whiteboards, WiFi and colour laser printing facilities. Many other departments, including the Library, have their own computer facilities that are a bookable resource for all class teachers. Most classrooms have interactive whiteboards.

Information and Communications Technology skills are taught as part of the Computer Science curriculum and also incorporated by other departments into their lessons. New technologies are introduced continually across the school as part of our ongoing investment into ICT.

Frog VLE is a fantastic learning platform, that is accessed over the internet to support Teaching and Learning in school. Frog is accessible to all our staff and students by using their usual school login credentials. They can access the platform from any computer with an internet connection, or via a tablet device.

The Frog student dashboard allows students to:

  • Access homework assignments and revision materials, submit them to their teacher and receive feedback;
  • View a timetable of assignment due dates;
  • View subject area sites (e.g. Maths, English) and access information and resources to support learning;
  • View the co-curricular club & activity timetable & specific club portals;
  • View information & guidance on careers;
  • View information and guidance on the Wellness portal;
  • Access useful links to shared folders, email, Google suite, Office 365 etc.

The school utilises Microsoft Office 365 providing e-mail and online storage, as well as access to the Microsoft Office suite for home use.

Students also have access to the Google Suite for education to aid teaching and learning utilising software such as Google drive, Classroom and Google Docs.

Internet access is controlled by age-appropriate, educational filtering.